Experience the Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Vital Warrior is happy to be able to demonstrate the healing modalities of Kundalini Yoga through Mikal’s series on RA MA TV’s Vital Warrior Channel in 2018. Learn more about the benefits of Kundalini Yoga as an effective non-pharmaceutical treatment that develops a resilience to stress, increases inspiration and joy.

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What is Kundalini Yoga ?

Kundalini Yoga uses Asana (posture), Mudra (hand positions), Pranayam (breath), and Mantra to strengthen the nervous system, balance the glands, and stimulate the vast energy reserves of the human system.

What is Kundalini energy ?

Kundalini energy shows up very practically as an increase in emotional stability, physical energy, mental acuity, and creativity. It has of course many esoteric implications, but where the rubber meets the road is an enhancement of awareness and enjoyment in all aspects of your daily life.

What happens when I release Kundalini energy ?

When Kundalini energy is released, it travels up the spine, activating the chakras, and out the top of the head, building the aura. It can heal your diseases, clear away your troubles, and elevate your awareness. It can make you so radiant and luminous that you truly light up a room. You may feel sensations and that is okay. Be aware of your body and be conscious of the changes you are going through.