Performance and Resiliency Through Non-pharmaceutical Stress Mitigation

Vital Warrior is committed to supporting our men and women who volunteer to defend our way of life. Our goal is to continually offer new, cost free opportunities for military and civilian veterans to discover the strength of self to seize control of their future. Thanks to Kenny Florian and Jason Hunt, owners of Meraki (, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is now a powerful addition to our system of performance and resiliency through non-pharmaceutical stress mitigation.

There are countless testimonials out there on the life changing effects Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can have. Kenny Florian, one of the studios owners, is one of them. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu offers a respite from a busy mind and allows you to just be in the moment. When fused with the power of Vital Warriors other modalities it is a powerful package that, when practiced with dedication can cause a rapid increase in day to day performance, mood, cognitive function and resiliency.

We are offering a scholarship pilot program to provide 3 veterans six months of unlimited training at Meraki’s state of the art facility in Santa Monica CA.

Applicants must have an honorable discharge, be able to maintain at least a bi-weekly attendance (more is encouraged) and be willing to participate in Vital Warrior media outlets to spread the word about your experience to inspire others.

If this scholarship is of interest to you or someone you know, please apply and share this amazing opportunity.

See you on the mat!

Application for BJJ Scholarship

Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. Please be aware that the classes offered will take place in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Please be aware that classes will be held in Santa Monica, CA. If this location will not work for you please do not sign up. We will post and other schools and locations as they become available.
    In hopes of growing this program to other locations we will ask that you are comfortable being photographed and interviewed for social media and video productions.