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American300 Service with Honor featuring US Navy SEAL Wounded Warrior Chief retired Mikal A. Vega, MSGT (ret.) Howard “Mad Max” Mullen, Olympic and XGames family Erin and Cactus Nemec sharing their life stories of Never Quitting with Minot Air Force Base Airmen. Photos by

Warrior 300 Tour

American 300

American300 is a non-government all volunteer 501c3 organization the mission is to increase the resiliency capabilities of our american armed forces members, their families and the areas which they live and operate in around the world.

Minot Air Force Base

Trust is a powerful word. Erin and Kevin will be joined in visiting Airmen of the 5th Bomb Wing and 91st Missile Wing at Minot Air Force Base, by Navy SEAL retired Chief Mikal Vega. After getting blown up and torn up countless times, Vega sought out medical treatment. Like many Service Members he found himself surrounded by prescription medication without the willpower to avoid spiking the effects with alcohol.

“I was killing myself slowly and the crazy thing is that because the drugs were making me numb I didn’t even realize it,” says Mikal, who has become a successful major motion picture actor and now director of the veterans support nonprofit ‘Vital Warrior’ that he founded.

With pain in his back that was debilitating, Mikal took the advice of a teammate and entered the world of Rolfing message therapy. Instantly the effects of the deep muscle therapy and muscle/nerve alignment started to release him from the grips of pain. He then added acupuncture and over time his pain diminished, his mind started to clear, and he was able to ween himself off the medications and alcohol. He then entered the world of Kundalini Yoga as taught by yogi Bhajan.

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Our Visit with Ketchikan Coasties and Sailors

KETCHIKAN, AK – If asked to add up their injuries and friends lost in war and post combat mental health related tragic endings, Mikal Vega and Howard Mullen would have to sit down and spend hours with pen and paper in hand. But it’d never happen.“Spending time dredging up negative memories is the last thing I want people doing” said US Navy SEAL Chief retired Mikal Vega, in front of a packed crowd of Coasties during American300‘s latest visit to the Base and Station along with SECNAV Back Island Navy Service Members and Support Staffers this week. “I was on that road, and thanks to doctors who fed me pills and sympathy I ended up nearly killing myself.” Vega added.

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