The Mission

Open Vital Warrior facilities starting with Southern California as well as a Nationwide Mobile Unit Tour! Vital Warrior restores military and civilian veterans to their inherent state of health and vitality by providing access to a unique fusion of therapies that focus on…
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The Need

Since 9/11, more than 3 million U.S. troops have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 31% of our soldiers return home with post-traumatic stress. A Pentagon report issued recently stated that military suicide rates remain high for the seventh year in a row.

Meet Mikal Vega

Vital Warrior Founder and CEO, Mikal A. Vega, is a retired Naval Special Warfare Operator who spent 22 years as a SEAL, and a EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) specialist. After personally enduring the effects of PTSS he has learned to overcome its

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About Vital Warrior

Vital Warrior provides clients a balance of privacy, therapeutic excellence, and equipment required to create an exclusive environment that promotes decompression, accelerates healing, increases resiliency and transforms acute stress to internal strength in our clients.

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  • Victory is a non profit organization and a system of non-pharmaceutical rebalancing designed by retired Navy SEAL Mikal A. Vega to alleviate the detrimental effects of acute stress in its clients.